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Amenities for Mountain Property for Sale, near Spanish Fork

Life close to nature, plenty of elbow room, expansive vistas and a peaceful countryside atmosphere, all within 20 minutes of extensive shopping, restaurants and entertainment make the small Eagles Landing community the best in mountain living.

Private Water System

Clean Well Water

You already know that water is good for you, but well water is thought to be particularly beneficial health-wise, since it’s chemical-free and full of minerals right from the ground. In Eagles Landing you get the luxury of using a their private water system.


Vast Wildlife Refuge

With Loafer Mountain shielding the area from harsh winter storms, Birdseye is well known as a wildlife refuge for large herds of deer and elk. 

Lot 24.jpg

Never Feel Crowded

The small community consist of only 95 large lots, each adjoining either the 300+ acres of beautiful open space or the thousands of square miles of mountainous public lands adjoining Eagles Landing on the east.

Open Public Land 

A Step Above

Ample Connectivity

You will never feel crowded by the rapid growth of the cities below. Paved roads, beautiful white rail fence bordering the community, a state-certified private water system and more than ample connectivity for cell phones and the internet make Eagles Landing popular for many people with an interconnected lifestyle.

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